Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Twas A Fun Filled Weekend.

80's Night. 

Desiree and I dressed up and went to 80's night at Stupid 600 with some of her friends. Well.. turns out it was hip hop night instead.  We all felt a lil stupid. However, we just stayed and had a blast.

Stair Sledding.

Desiree and I were bored out of our minds and decided that we should go sledding down the stairs. Thankfully Maren let us use her sleeping bag which made the experience way better.  The pillows we were using weren't sliding very well.  I was the first to try the Sleeping bag and it worked very well.  I'll post the video of that a little later.

Spice Girls?

We were listening to Spice Girls when Desiree and I came up with this brilliant idea to dressup like them.  We did so and made funny music videos (to come later) and made a complete fool out of ourselves. We had fun though. Andee was Ginger, Maren was Scary, I was Baby, Mandy was Sporty, and Des was Posh.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Thug Life. (D-Rae and E-Lo)

Desiree and I wanted to dress up like guys.  So we did - - we put on Rap music and hip hoped haha. We krumped or so we tried.  Krump it, Krump it, Krump it. Everyone just watched and laughed at us. haha. we looked rediculous.  Who really cares though right!  Mandy made delicious apple pie..It was amazing.

College continues to make me feel worthless.

The one non art class I actually had made me feel very un-intelligent. 

Can't even figure out my Photography 2 class.

Who knew what I love to do could make me feel like I'm failing at life.

Photography use to be fun.. Now it's another thing I just can't do.

I don't have a job...which makes me feel like a moooooocher.

I've come to the conclusion that I can't live with out my mother. 

I try... But I can't seem to do it.

I can't cook.. I try.. and things just dont turn out.

I can make cookies (from a package), top roman, canned chili, canned fruit, frozen pizza, canned french cut beans, instant mashed potatoes (barely), scrambled eggs (that are nasty), country time lemonade (add to water and stir), and orange fruit salad (the only thing i'm proud of). 

Maybe this semester I'll learn more.... hopefully not more canned or frozen things.

I've met about....... 0 guys that I'm remotely interested in.

I've noticed that.. I have very little talents.

The only positive thing I have learned is that..  People can suprise you, change you, inspire you, and amaze you. 

Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Thoughts of Right Now

Photography 2 class sucks.

Photography costs too much money.

My new roomate is pretty awesome.

Tryin to go to the gym as much as possible.

Miss my old friends. . Jackie and Jordan.

1 friend now married.

Miss home.

Need a job.. pronto.

Feeling pretty lonely.

Want a new scarf.

Phone is broken.

Greatful for Papa and Mom.

Love my family.

I wish I could lose weight right NOW.

Needs to go grocery shopping.

Wish I could make new friends up here in L.