Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm now officially an employee at the Layton Hills Wet Seal. :)

uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm terrified. Ha.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


... So Monday I applied for Wet Seal at the Layton Hills Mall.
I have a job interview today at 3:30. I'm super nervous.
Not for the interview..but for the actual job. I've never had any job like this.
It will be good for me....but I'm scared.

..A lot of people have come to me to take their pictures.
That should be fun. I hope I do a good job for them.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Done and Gone.

After a long sunday.. I'm gone from p-2 and home for the summer! Luckily I had a lot of help moving out of the apartment. My parents came up and my brother and his wife came over. My brother Bryan and his wife Jen hauled stuff from the apartment to the car.. Bryan couldn't understand why I had so much stuff. My mom helped me clean a ton all night long until the place was spotless. I couldn't have done it with out them.

I'm way sad that I am not gonna be living in that apartment next year.. or with Mandy. She has influenced me a lot in the past year. I am going to miss her a ton. Yeah she will be like...a foyer away from me where we are living next year..but that's just too far away haha. I can't wait to meet new roomates and make more memories. Most of all I can't wait to have a fun summer before fall!

p-2 all cleaned up

Friday, May 1, 2009

This One Time In Provo...

Mom.. You don't know this because I knew you would get pisssssssssed. haha.

  Tuesday, Mandy and I went on an adventure. We drove down to Provo to hangout with Levi and his friends.


(background info)
Levi is Mandy's boyfriend who is leaving on a mission way way soon.
Levi was leaving for a road trip with his friends to Cali Thursday.
Mandy is leaving Monday for a job in Washington.
They had to see each other for the last time for two years.
It was final week and I had a huge photography portfolio due on Thursday.. eek.

    So we get to Provo after a long car ride of fun music.. Levi had a whole day of fun planned. It was a huge group date thing. I went with Levi's roommate Matt Johnson. The first thing we do is go eat at Beto's? I usually hate that place, but I had half of Mandy's Ham Breakfast Burrito (amazing). We then drove (in Levi's un air conditioned car) to Boondocks and hit up the batting cages. At first I was hesitant to get in there, I'm not sure how much I like the idea of balls flying out of some machine at me but, Mandy convinced me to get in there. I just did the slow soft ball. hahaha. I'm lame. It turned out to be really fun, I'm glad Mandy pushed me into it.

  We then drove home and chilled for a bit. Later we went to this place (can't remember the name, like Boondocks) We got this date package that had a ton of stuff to do in them. Go Carts, Mini Golfing, 25 arcade tokens each, and two large Dip n' Dots. Very great deal. First we hit up the Go Carts, Matt and I totally beat everyone. We then went and played in the arcade for forever. I made Matt use one of his tokens on this silly game that is basically press the button when the light hits the certain place... well who would have known.. It was possible. Matt tried for the first time, he pressed the button and *DING DING DING DING DING*   *Lights flashing like crazy* It was possible...Matt got JACKPOT! It was so funny.. 550 tickets start pouring from the machine rapidly..they came out for what seemed like hours while me and him just stood in shock. Meanwhile, Levi thought he was doing amazing on the game Deal or No Deal with his twenty tickets.. He comes around the corner boasting with a big grin on his face to see the massive pile of tickets on the ground...that grin soon turned into a disbelief frown. After Matt won the Jackpot, all the guys were glued to the machine hoping they could win. Heck, even Matt and I used most of our tokens on it after the event. 

  We ended at the arcade with a good like 980 tickets. To the prize counter we went... So much crap to choose from. We got stupid things like tiny yo-yo's, sticky slap hand, spider rings, a tiny sword, and I got a crown that says Angel on it. haha. Mandy got one and I just had to get one like it.

  We played a round of mini-golf.. I decided I'm like Adam Sandler on Happy Gilmore..I hit the ball so hard was bouncing off things all over the place...suprisingly I didn't even lose the game. I beat Mandy by one point. hahaha. Levi took first..and was super proud of it haha.

  Matt and I finally got to our Dip n' Dots.. mmmmmmmmmm. First time I had ever had them.. they made my tounge feel a little numb.

  We left the place and got some Wendy's. Very fun night was sooon to end. Mandy and Levi talked and it was way sad. We had a depressing car ride for a soon got a little happier haha. I had so much fun and I do not regret having to spend more time in the photo lab the next nights to make up for it.

  I finished my project at 9 in the morning the day of the critique. I hadn't slept all night trying to get it done. Slept for three hours then headed back up to class. Critique was long and a ton of sugar was provided to eat..which was nasty.. I feel I did alright on my photos. I was one of the like two who did mostly portraits and in comparison to hers...they were a little better. :) So I feel pretty good about it. Next year I'm gonna work harder than ever, because I feel like I could do much better.


Maren moved out Wednesday.
Andee, Megan, and Mandy are moving out today.
Matt Johnson threw up the whole way to California due to food poisoning. hahaha.
I move home Sunday.