Tuesday, February 17, 2009

   So this last weekend Diana and I decided to go out and take pictures.  She got all dolled up and I got all my equipment (including my new lens) and we went.  We had no where to go, we just drove around looking for spots.  Finally I gave up on trying to find somewhere cool and just went to a familiar place.  Main street in bountiful against this old building.  We had some fun there and got a lot of different shots.  After we finished up at that spot.. we drove up fifth south and decided to stop at some reception center place.  It was so cold that we didn't stay long.  I hate taking pictures in the winter time for that reason.  I feel bad for Diana since she was the one in the tiny dress.  She is a good sport though.  She wants to go into the modeling business and has asked me to do some of her portfolio work.  I can't wait to go out and take more pictures of her.  She is stunning.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FuN fAcTs AbOuT yOuRs TrUlY.

  • I like watching soap operas.. big woop.
  • I enjoy looking at sunsets.
  • I love beef stroganough.
  • I have this weird liking of wine glasses. idk.
  • I'm such a picky eater.. however, I'll eat almost anything my papa makes.
  • I love the atmosphere at Dee's, but love the food more at Denny's.
  • I hate wheat bread, tomatoes, and spinach. Yuck.
  • I love driving around with my music pumpin loud.
  • For some odd reason, I absolutely love 68 camaros.
  • I'm currently addicted to 007 The World Is Not Enough.
  • Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie, I've seen it 23,989,789,023 times.
  • I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, and Flight Of The Concords. (tv)
  • People who pop their nuckles, toes, backs, necks, or anything on their bodies should die. It's very disturbing and I do not like to hear it. SICK.
  • I hate when my toe nails aren't painted... and lately they must be painted black.
  • I'm a fan of Metallica..and for those who say they are a band wagon band.. pssshhh.
  • I want to marry rich.. what can I say.
  • I hate socks, always have always will.. Falling asleep in them is the worst. I don't know how people do it.
  • I can't sleep in pajama pants...I have to wear shorts, no matter how cold.
  • British comedies make me laugh .. even if they suck.. their accents make it funny.
  • I hate facebook with a passion yet I manage to be on it constantly.
  • I enjoy running... am I in shape enough to do so with out dying..> No.
  • I miss soccer everyday.
  • I wish I danced more than like the one year I did. I regret it everyday.
  • I pluck my eye brows almost everyday... in fear of them looking disgusting.
  • I bite my nails.. but hate it so badly..because I love my long nails.
  • I enjoy doing peoples hair, make-up, or nails.
  • I occasionaly like giving back rubs suprisingly. Now Criscell is gonna make me give her one.
  • I rarely like dogs... they are gross...and germy.. and mean.. and jumpy.. and slobbery.. and shed.. SICK. (few exceptions) Brothers dogs are not mean.. well trained. .but slobbery ..yuck.. Criscells dog..annoying and yappy but very cute and sometimes nice when he doesn't jump on me so much. His cute factor makes me like him though. He's so little. Batemans dog.. Lucky.. perfect. I love him. Only dog I absolutely don't hate. Mandy's dog.. invented dancing dirty..however he's the nicest thing ever. the end on dogs. I'll just admit.. I'm scared of dogs. haha.
  • I absolutely adore kittins.. however they do nothing...and shed. and claw. er.
  • I hate my moms bird... with a passion. She loves it more than she loves me. The way she talks to it annoys the crap out of me...I love to scare it..
  • too much sugar is a bad thing... very little is perfect for me.
  • spiders dont scare me.. or bug me.. for all you whimps out there.. pick up a shoe and smash the dang thing.. its not gonna eat you..honestly. they are actually awesome creatures.
  • I'm a perfectionist in odd and perculiar ways... unclean things drive me insane..but I ignore it because I never wanna do the work. hahaha.
  • I get jealous way easily.. so what.
  • For some reason.. every close guy friend I've had.. has this one girl friend who can't stand me and tells me to back off..and not to be friends with them anymore.. for example.. Trav's g/f Darci.. hated me. . Moroni's g/f Amanda.. hates me. . Abraham's g/f Jessica.. Hates me.. it's not like I am in love with them.. like the girls think... Trav is like a brother.. Moroni..close friend who doesn't even live here.. and hasn't since 9th grade.. Abe.. come on it's abe.. I'm suprised he had a g/f.
  • I hate obama.. for many reason. . he just comes off as a huge idiot.
  • I have bad grammer and sometimes think I'm thug.
  • I don't have a style.. I dress differently all the time.. Variety is the spice of life.
  • I can't sleep at night.

More weird facts to come later maybe?? eh eh? questions.. about my odd ways.. ask.

Fruity Pebbles.

Steelers are amazing.
Superbowl rocked because my amazing brother Bryan and his wife made the most delicious food.
I am jealous of his great cooking skills.
oh and another reason it rocked... I was the only one at the house cheering for Steelers.
So everyone was just crying at the end, but me.

My roomates and I came up with this brilliant plan to drive down to the brigham city denny's at six in the morning just to get a free grand slam breakfast.
We are brilliant.
It's gonna be a cold, long drive.. but totally worth it.
Six... is early for me.
It'll be joyous.

I have a long day ahead of me in photo.
I have to finish printing my stupid project.

Maren's hair is amazing.
I love when it's curled.
She is beautiful.
Maren drank vinigar tonight at FHE.

I love mandy's clothes.
especially her pajama pants.
(her skivies)
or as she says "skibbies"

I love beating Andee in 007.
almost always.
She sucks.
I rock.

I love how early Megan goes to bed.
She misses out on so much.

I miss Megan Bell..
She's hardly around anymore.
I sure wish we'd do some crafts together soon.
She's good at crafts.

... Bridget, Sami, Desiree, and maybe Jordan..and possibly Jackie... are hoping to move in with me next year.
That'll be so much fun.
Hopefully we'll get a place close to Mandy.. I'll miss her too much.
I'm sad at the thought of not stayin up till the early hours with her.. . just laughing.
But, maybe I'll just have joyous occasions like that with my other friends.
Hopefully there will be a lot of stair sledding involved.
I can't wait for what's in store.

Valentines... hmm.. I think I'm going on a date with Joshua..
Only because he had it all planned before we broke up..
and... He really wants me to go with him..and I think it should be fun.
Heck, I have nothing else to do.
First time ever going on a date on Valentines.
I'm pathetic.
I guess I'm only 18.
No biggie.

I went and took pictures alone today.
It sucked, but at the same time was very peaceful.
I was able to just go sit on the pier and relax...it was sunny, a little cold, but nice.
I watched the ducks and geeeeeeese swim.
A ton of my pictures were of
them, not gonna lie.
I got a lot of nice tree pictures too.. like odd looking ones.
We'll see how they turned out tomorrow.
I'm not looking forward to developing my time tests.

This weeeeek should be good though.
Can't wait for the adventures that lie ahead.
I'll post more after the future is done and in the past.

Love you all that read my blog.
Especially because most is my family.
Thanks for being interested in what I have to say..
Even though it's never profound.