Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So my internet has been pretty crappy up here in Logan.. so I barely get to post anything ever. Halloween was fun. I was a Gothic Clown. haha . my mom came up with the idea. It was fun. I just went to the Howl with my roommates and 3 friends from c-ville.

Greatest Night of My Life

Don't worry folks.. I made it to The Sounds concert. I loved it. I touched Maja Ivarsson!! .. Came back with a million bruises and smelled of sweat and weed. haha. but it was all worth it. I am a little upset that Matt and Kim didn't end up opening for them... Instead some transvestite walked out in some short dress. He/She was seriously disgusting. They were called the Semi Precious Weapons. They SUCKED. Foxy Shazam did pretty good though. I danced my little heart out all night long. Best spent 24 dollars so far.

Can't wait for the next show.

ha weird portraits of my roommates.

Monday, November 23, 2009