Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite

So I didn't end up doin my photoshoot...from my last post.

  However, Im taking photos of a little boy this saturday for a friend of a friend.  That should be fun.  Can't wait to see how it goes.

  I did end up takin a few pictures of Desiree at a soccer field.  I also took some random photos of different things.  It was fun.  I made Desiree jump in the air like a thousand times to get good enough shots.  Most still didn't work out as planned.  We went and flew kites, blew bubbles, played with chalk and a blue ball from wal-mart.  Most the photos taken didn't turn out very well.. it was way too windy for outdoor fun. hahaha. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

craving a photo-shoot

all i really want to get accomplished this spring break... is photography.
i just really want to focus on gettin some decent pictures.
i want so badly to do some studio work..i need the practice..and that's what interests me most.
so since i don't have the opportunity or the hook ups, i'm gonna fake it.
sheet...some lights.. my reflectors..material for a diffuser.. uhh we'll see how this goes.
ms. shelly bateman will be my victim. :)
i just have so many ideas in my head that neeeeeeed to come out.


Now for most, you will not understand the title of this blog. Well unless you are very musically intune, you wont understand it at all.
I recently got big news on a huge concert heading our way. No Doubt, The Sounds, and Paramore are hittin up Utah. Now.. I don't know how I'm going to be able to make it to this big (important to me) event. I have no money..which is mainly my fault.. well totally my fault. However, considering that my birthday is a month after... my mind started planning. Maybe whoever was planning on giving me a birthday gift...could just give me money in advance. 5-10 dollars even.. it'd go a long way. Now .. knowing this is a huge event.. I will have to buy the ticket far in advance to insure my possibilities of bein able to attend. That said... If you would like to give me a birthday present.. or just make an honorable donation.. It would much be appreciated by maybe let's say...May 10th?
Now I know I'm bein a little rediculous...Especially because I recently had the opportunity to attend a big concert. ... let's be honest here.. No Doubt, The Sounds, and Paramore..all top Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice. To be fair..Love You Long Time is up there with the other three. If i were to have known that The Sounds were coming this soon.... with such amazing people... I would have for-fitted going to that show. I've been to The Sounds concert before and it was AMAZING. I can't miss this one.. they are coming with Gwen Stefani/No Doubt. She is amazing. You've got to sympathize with me and help me out!! haha.

I've waited "MUCH TOO LONG" for this and if I get to go it will be a "MIRACLE." I just don't want to miss out because I know it's gonna be "HELLA GOOD." You should even join and come "DANCE WITH ME!"

Friday, March 6, 2009

First Studio Work -

These were taken at Bountiful High in my Photography class room like a year or more ago. I was just learning so they aren't that great. Thanks to Mason Jones who was willing to let me practice on him.
I hope to do more studio photos soon. I have the most fun doin that than anything else.

Here is another dance photo I failed to add in the last post.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Art To Another.

         I love photographing the art of dance.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too Legit..Too Legit Too Quit!

This weekend was great.

Thursday - I was lucky enough to catch Bidwell and Love You Long Time for free at the TSC up here on campus.

Friday - I got the opportunity to dress up in legit 80's attire and see Love You Long Time again... who opened for Vanilla Ice and Mc Hammer... amazing. Despite the fact that the crowd was not fun and wouldn't move ever.  They were all old..and very much annoying.  Mc Hammer... is old. It showed. He had to take like a ten minute break between almost every song.  It was sort of pathetic..but what do we expect right.  His back up dancers were amazing though.  After the great show...we walked out to the car.. to find my keys locked inside. (not a fun part of the night) Almost considered breaking a window..that's how freakin cold it was.  Desiree chased down a UVU security car after like 2o minutes of slowly dying. Then we went and crashed at Bridget's apartment down there in Provo.

Saturday - We woke up at lounged around almost all day long just talking about life.  It was great.

Sunday - Slept and had dinner with my ma. Had a joyous ride back up to Logan with Megan, Mandy, and Andee.  

And now.. now what do I get from having such a great, long weekend?...

I've got the flu.. the achy flu. Thanks Bryan and Jenn for taking me to get looked at.  Now I'll just lay in bed some more..and whine.  

Oh and for my two cents about the bachelorette... they should have picked Melissa to be the next Bachelorette. IDIOTS. Why I care?? Who Knows. I shouldn't.