Monday, September 15, 2008

Visiting Centerville.

  I went down to Centerville this weekend to visit my friends.   We had a fun time. Friday I went to dinner with Jordan, Jaimee, Bridget, and Samantha.  I miss them all so much.  After dinner we went to the Viewmont vs. Syracuse game.  It was pretty intense.. Viewmont pulled out a win in the last minute.  It was impressive.  Afterwards Samantha, Jaimee, and I hungout with Travis, Trevor, and Chris.  We had some fun taking pictures and stuff.  We are nerds.

   Then on Saturday.. I hungout with Desiree.  We played at Wal-Mart for a good two hours or so.  We have no life.  I miss all my friends.  I wish they were all up here with me at Utah State.  I'm going home again next weekend for farewells... and the weekend after that for Viewmonts Homecoming Game.  I'm super lame, I know.  I should probably just stay put up here, but there is so much going on down in C-Ville and B-Town.  I just don't wanna miss out.  :  ) 

Friday, September 12, 2008

College = Party? No.

Well... I pretty much stare at the wall everyday. No t.v. and no internet yet... my internet is not working for some stupid reason. My roommates are all way nice. We're all crazy in our own different ways. We made a quote wall in our living room... its filling up with bright colored sticky notes that have quotes on them from all of us. Everytime we say something way funny.... it goes up on the quote wall... the point of this.. would to add some color to our boring walls. Our apartment is lacking in some decorations. It's so boring. Pretty sure we all stay up pretty late every night. Which is bad.. considering my roommate Mandy can never make it to her 7:30 am math class. Good thing my class starts at 9.
Photography is way fun.. my teacher is so laid back and awesome. He use to shoot commercial photos.. He did the McFlurry cup..and the Cheeze-It box. And so much more. I can't wait to learn more stuff from that man. He knows a lot. Unlike my high school teacher, who just pretended. haha.
I'm struggling in my Drawing class... due to the fact i've never seriously drawn anything. It's crazy hard. I definately didn't get any talent from my mom.. that all went to my brother. He is so lucky. My teacher is a crazy hippie. She just stares.. and she never explains anything. We had our first real critique yesterday on our still life drawings... which was horrible. Mine was so bad. I'm just going to try and take it easy and not be so up tight about everything. Which will be hard for me to do... I never take anything lightly.. except for eating.
I don't eat... haha. Just kidding, I do. It's just usually top roman.. or fruit.. anything unhealthy really.. I am gonna try to eat healthy starting this weekend. It'll be hard though. Stupid college.. haha. I went to the gym with my roommates Megan and Maren. That was interesting. I about passed out and killed over. It was rough. haha. My goal is to lose at least 15 pounds. Good Luck to me.. Hopefully next time ya see me, I'll be lookin slimmer. :)