Monday, October 20, 2008

I took pictures of Samantha for photography class.  I used black and white film, but also took a few digital at the same time.  We had a blast.  She was playin a character ( a rich girl ). 

Engagement Photography


So I was just minding my own one day when I got a call from Shelly.  She told me that this girl who knows her friend saw the pictures I did of Shelly and loved them.  She wanted me to do her engagements.  Naturally I was a little freaked out.  I've never done such a thing.  Although scared, I was really excited to try something new.  The girls name is Allyson, she is way nice.  So we planned and executed.  I had a lot of fun doin the photos.  I am glad someone gave me the opportunity to try something like this.  I'm working on them still, but I have a few to put up on here. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Pictures

A Day With Shelly

  For Shelly's 20th birthday.. We went out and took pictures.  We went to my favorite spot down by the Great Salt Lake Marina... It's this abandoned building with graffiti all over the walls on the outside and inside.  We also went to the Marina and took some pictures on the beach there. We were out there taking pictures almost all day, at least it felt like it.  We did take some up in Muellar Park Canyon, it's beautiful up there.  I'm only puttin a few of my favorite pictures on here right now.  I haven't even gotten them all done yet.  They are amazing.  We have another photoshoot being planned and I can't wait.  I'm absolutely stoked.