Monday, August 31, 2009

First Week of College..Once Again.

Well I got to my apartment sunday night before school started and found that there was absolutely no where to park. I got so frustrated and just wanted to give up. Finally, I found a space on the side of the road that I could fit in. In the morning when I walked up to my car I saw this bright orange envelope and realized that my front tire was in the red zone. I had gotten a stupid parking ticket. Great way to start off the first day of school. I got some stuff out of my car and headed back into my apartment. Walking up three flights juggling all kinds of crap was not fun. I managed to get to the top floor, where my apartment is, when... My phone slipped from my hand and dropped through all the stairs to the very bottom. I sat my stuff down and ran down the stairs.. it was laying there .. flipped open and bent. To my suprise it had survived the fall .. well just damaged on the outside, everything on the inside still worked. I got ready and walked up the hill to my first class. It was a pretty easy class.. even though I kept thinking..what did I get myself into?.. Family Finance.. sounds easy.. doubt it will be after knowing what all the assignments will be like. . .
The rest of the week went pretty well, lots of swimming, hanging out, decorating, unpacking etc. the weekend arrived and I could finally go home and visit. While home visiting.. my phone decided that it just could not go on any longer. My screen was completely broken. I tried going to see if they could transfer my info. .. No Luck. I'm depressed. Currently I'm using a cell phone that Josh lent me... it doesn't work very well. I'm hoping I can find a stable replacement.. but until then..I'll continue to be pissed off by this stupid phone.
I miss my old apartment and Old Farm for the little things. My mattress was soft. Mine now is a rock. Sharing a bathroom with just one other person. I now share a shower and sink with two others and a whole vanity with 5 other girls. I miss having two floors and only having to walk up one flight to get to my actual apartment. My room is tiny now and I already hate it. Currently my computer and desk are out in the family room. Which is alright, and hopefully temporary. Our family room does have a dimmer on the light..which is definately luxury living. haha. It is decorated with six different paintings done by each of us roomates. It looks great. Anyways... The start of this week has been miserable as well .. but we'll see how things go. The end of the week seems to get better.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall 09

Headin back to Logan.
New roommates.
New apartment.
New hair.
New clothes.
New camera --- soon to come.
Can't wait.